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1 1795t.jpgTHE MOBILE WORK STATION PORTABLE PAINT BOOTH: The Mobile Work Station is a certified EPA 6H compliant portable limited finishing workstation. VERSATILITY BUILT-IN, Easy to maneuver, our portable spray booth / filtration system utilizes a self-contained, non-venting recirculation design. The attached enclosure system is supported by the four locking easy-roll casters beneath the filtration system housing, enclosing and containing spray operation residues while promoting mobility and efficiency. With less than 3' of aisle space needed it can be moved quickly and easily, enclosure and all, anywhere in your facility - ready to work. A portable booth allows you to perform your painting operations where and when they will be the most productive. The Mobile Work Station moves to the work rather than having to move the work to the booth, reducing vehicle shuffling or the headaches of moving heavy, large, or temporarily incapacitated items for partial touch-ups or refinishing. The most versatile portable booth on the market: It works where you need it. Originally designed in conjunction with an automotive body shop technician for the collision repair industry, the Mobile Work Station has provided decades of service to a wide variety of industrial, governmental, and educational customers for those situations where a portable paint booth is needed. In addition to auto body collision repair, these unique units have proven their effectiveness in many industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, maintenance and repair, woodworking, hydrographics, building maintenance, etc. FLEXIBLE FILTRATION. Designed to use common sized 20" x 20" filters, rather than an unconventional size with limited availability. PLUG AND PLAY INSTANT CAPACITY. Set it up, plug it in, and go to work. This portable paint booth provides you instant capacity to perform limited high-quality painting and refinishing without a large fixed-position spray booth. Having the added capacity and flexibility of a portable booth can help move more work through your shop and break the paint booth bottleneck; decreasing cycle time and increasing billable jobs. No building modifications, additional air make-up systems, or permanently dedicated shop space are required. The units are commonly set up to work on standard 115V single phase electricity to increase power access availability. Whether you're looking to increase capacity and productivity in your automotive body shop or on your industrial shop floor, the Mobile Work Station is the portable limited finishing workstation / booth that keeps work moving. Find more information at

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