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1.Henry Golden Boy 22LR Lever Action Rifle. Never fired. Does have some scratch marks and looks like the brass need polished. Would make a great shooter for someone.
2.Mossberg 535 12GA Pump Action Shotgun. Like new in box, never fired. 28inch vent rib barrel. Wood stock and forearm. Comes with 4 extra choke tubes. 3.5inch chamber. Comes with original factory box, with manual and lock.
3.B. Schmidt Ostreim / Rhoem 22 Revolver. Made in West Germany. Comes with 22LR and 22Mag cylinders. 22Mag cylinder does have a little rust on it. Also comes with leather belt and holster, with some old rounds in ammo loops. Seller states possible timing issue but seems to lock up tight.
4.Harrington & Richardson Mod 800 LYNX 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle. Wood stock. Removable magazine, some rust on it. Rifle sights. 22inch barrel. Do not see many of these.
5.Remington 700 243win Bolt Action Rifle. Wood stock. Leather sling attached. 22inch barrel. Weaver Medalist 3-9x scope mounted. Come check it out.
6.Browning BLR 358 Win Lever Action Rifle. Comes with 2 magazines, and original box. Wood stock and forearm. 20 inch barrel. Trigger extender. Leather sling attached. Swift 1.5-4.5x scope attached with vintage weaver mounts.
7.440 round tin of 7.62x54R. Corrosive, FMJ. Comes with original can opener. Great for anyone with a Mosin.
8.1891 Liberty Nickel.
9.1901-O Morgan Silver Dollar.
10.1908-O Barber Quarter.
11.1938-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar - silver (semi-key).
12.(6) Washington Silver Quarters (1944-S, 47 & 47-S, 48, 49-D & 1950-S).
13.1941-S Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar.
14.1925-S Peace Silver Dollar.
15.1919-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar - Silver.
16.20+ Quarters and 50 cent piece on cards with stamps.
17.Alcan 12ga wads.
18.1897 Morgan Silver Dollar.
19.1909 Barber Quarter.
20.3 Liberty Nickels, Semi Key Dates (1884-1895-1896).
21.Galco Leather Tuck-N-Go inside the pant holster for Sig Sauer P238. Right hand. Also fits Colt Mustang and Diamondback DB9. New, never used.
22.U.S. Airforce Academy Ceremonial Sword with metal scabbard. 35 inches overall length with a blade of 30 inches. Made in Toledo, Spain. Comes with a cloth sleeve.
23.Replica Prussian Sword. Like a ceremonial sword. Comes with metal sheath. 36 inches overall length with a blade length of 30 inches.
24.Ceremonial U.S. Army Sword with metal scabbard. Made in Toledo, Spain. 35.5 inches overall length with a blade length of almost 30 inches.
25.Ceremonial U.S. Marine Sword with metal scabbard. Almost 40.5 inches overall length with a blade of almost 35 inches. Made in Germany.
26.Crosman Power Master 760 BB Repeater .177 Pellet Gun. Tested, does fire. Comes with a KMART All-Pro 4x15 optic mounted.
27.Asian Fighting Knife and a Replica US Model 1832 Foot Artillery Sword. Both are sharp. The sword is 26 inches long overall with a blade of 19 inches. The knife is 14.5 inches overall with a blade of 9 3/8.
28.Knife and Sword Set, Replica's. Appear to be older. Made in India. Also comes with 3 folding pocket knives. Come check them out in person.
29.2 Replica Cutlasses with metal scabbards. Overall length of each is 41.5inches with a blade of 35 inches.
30.Replica Long Sword. Measures 41.75 inches overall length with a blade of 33.5 inches long. Made in Spain.
31.Replica Rapier. 39.25 inches overall length. Made in Toledo, Spain. Blade is around 33inches long. Great wall hanger.
32.Replica Cutlass. 1 small piece is broken but can be glued back. 41 inches overall length with a blade of 33.5 inches long.
33.Padded leather rifle case. Carry handles. 47 inches long.
34.4 MTM P-100 Ammo case. Pistol 44mag, 41mag, 45LC, etc.
35.6 MTM Case-Gard 50 ammo case. Medium Rifle, 243, 308, 30-30, 22-250, 6mm, etc.
36.4 MTM RS-100 Ammo case small rifle. For 223/5.56 etc.
37.1935-S Peace Silver Dollar
38.Indian Penny Lot: 1887, 1888, 1889, and 1908.
39.Self Defense Pen. Metal cap. Comes in box.
40.Vintage Scale. Comes in an old wooden box. Come check it out.
41.3 German G3 Aluminum magazines, surplus. Appear to be in great shape.
42.7.62x54R ammo. 2 full packs of 20 and loose pack of 20, for total of 60 rounds.
43.100 Rounds of PMC X-TAC 5.56mm ammo. 62grain LAP green tip.
44.Large assorted brass lot. Come check it out.
45.3 German G3 Aluminum magazines, surplus. Appear to be in great shape.
46.7.62x54R ammo. 3 full packs of 20 and loose pack of 20, for total of 80 rounds.
47.243win Ammo and Brass. 19 rounds of ammo, with 18 shell casings.
48.358 Winchester Lot. Partial box over half full of 358 Flat Nose 180grain Bullets. Also includes some ammo that should only be used for reloading and empty cases, 61 total.
49.22 Cal Lot. 21 Federal 22LR and some loose older 22mag. Also comes with a box of older Federal Hi-Power 22LR.
50.Vintage Lot. Comes with a Marlin Hunter's Pocket Guide. Vintage Poly-Choke Gunner's Guide for rifle or shotgun, compass. Comes in original box with paperwork.

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