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1.Taurus Judge 45/410 Revolver. Steel frame. Very little usage. 2.5inch cylinder. 3inch barrel. Fiber optic front sight. Blued finish.
2.Remington Magnum WingMaster Model 870 12ga pump shotgun. 29inch barrel. 3inch chamber. Wood stock and forearm.
3.Hi-Point 995 9mm Semi-Auto rifle. Comes with Bipod attached, 2 spare clips in a factory mount. Nice shooting gun, much cheaper to shoot then an AR.
4.Smith & Wesson M&P380 Bodyguard 380acp Semi-Auto pistol. With rubber grip. Comes with 3 extra 7rd magazines. Very little usage. Nice conceal and carry.
5.Winchester Model 67 22cal Rifle. Missing bolt. Shoots short, long, and long rifle. Great project rifle or wall hanger.
6.Maverick By Mossberg Model 88 12GA Pump Shotgun. Black synthetic stock and forearm. 28inch barrel. Vent Rib barrel that is ported. Comes with 2 chokes. Come take a look.
7.Remington 870 12gauge Shotgun. 18inch HD Barrel. Knoxx Blackhawk (recoil reduction) 7 position collapsible stock. Tac Star 6rd side saddle. CAA Picatinny handguard rail system. Comes with these accessories: extra mag springs, original receiver pins, magazine plug, extra handguard, and directions on Knoxx Stock.
8.J.P. Sauer & Sohn Western Six Shooter in 22Cal. Imported by Hawes Firearms Co. Comes with 2 cylinders, 22LR and 22magnum. Made in West Germany. Nice fancy wood grips. Pistol Rug.
9.North American Arms Mini-Revolver in 22LR, New. 1 5/8inch barrel. 5 shot capacity. Stainless finish with steel frame. Black Pearlite Grips. Fixed sights. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock box, and key.
10.Ruger EC9S 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 3.12inch barrel with polymer frame. Black oxide finish on slide. Fixed sights. Striker fired. Comes in factory box, with 1 7rd magazine, manual, and lock.
11.Marlin 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle. Tube fed. 22inch barrel. Wood stock. Looks like needs to be cleaned. Come take a look.
12.Ruger SR22 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol. Threaded barrel. Great for adding a suppressor to it. 3.5 inch barrel. Adjustable 3 dot sights. Manual safety / decocker. Comes in factory box, with Ruger pouch, 2 10rd magazines, manual, and lock. Come take a look.
13.Ruger 10/22 Tactical 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle. Less than 50 rounds fired thru it. Comes in factory box, with bipod, (1) 10rd magazine, and lock. 16.12 inch cold hammer forged barrel. Hogue overmolded synthetic stock. Item #1230.
14.Ruger LCP 380acp Semi-Auto Pistol. Like new in box, never fired. 2.75inch barrel. Fixed front and rear sights. Comes in factory box, with manual, pocket holster, lock, and 1 6rd magazine.
15.Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Optics Ready Semi-Auto 22LR. Comes with M&P Duty Series Rifle case and M&P Red / Green Dot Optic. 16inch barrel, threaded. Collapsible stock. 10inch slim Handguard with M-LOK. Comes in factory box, with bag, manual, lock, red dot, and 1 25rd magazine.
16.SCCY CPX-1 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol. Like new in box, fired less than 20 times. 3.1 inch barrel. Sniper Gray polymer frame with Black Nitride finish on slide. Double action only. 3 dot sights. Frame mounted manual safety. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 2 10rd magazines. Great carry pistol.
17.Winchester XPR Hunter VIAS 243Win Bolt Action Rifle, New. 22inch barrel. Lulu VIAS Camo Stock. Two position thumb safety. Drilled and tapped. 3 round capacity. Comes in factory box, with manual, and lock.
18.Browning Buck mark Field / Target Micro 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 4inch barrel. Alloy frame. Matte black barrel and frame. Black Ultragrip RX Ambi Grips. Black front and rear sight. Frame mounted safety. Steel Bull Barrel. Full length top Picatinny Rail. Comes in factory box, with 2 10rd magazines, manual, lock, and Browning padded pistol case.
19.Silencerco 9 Osprey 9mm Suppresser. Had around 50 rounds fired thru it. Does include a 1/2x28 piston. New with piston would cost almost $700. 9.8oz. 1.3 inches wide x 1.75inches high. Overall length is 7.0625inches. Lifetime Factory Warranty. Comes in factory box, with manual. This item is an NFA item, and must do a Form 4 Transfer and pay the ATF $200 Tax Stamp, will need 2 passport photos and 2 fingerprint cards to send in. Please ask if any questions about the Form 4 process before bidding!
20.Ruger American 308win Bolt Action Rifle. Like new in box, never fired. 22inch barrel. Black synthetic stock. No sights. Comes in factory box, with manual, and lock. Ruger Marksman Adjustable Trigger. Hammer forged barrel. 4 round rotary magazine. Inventory Reduction Sale!
21.Ruger 10/22 Carbine Deluxe Sporter 22LR Semi-Auto rifle, New. 18.5inch barrel. Walnut stock with checkering. Gold bead front sight with rear folding sight. Includes scope base. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 10rd magazine.
22.Sig Sauer SRD556 223/5.56 Suppresser. Has had less than 50 rounds fired thru it. 1/2x28 direct thread. 6.4inches overall length. 1.625inch diameter. Weighs 11.5oz. Rear mount wrench flats. Comes in factory box. Price new is $550. This item is an NFA item, and must do a Form 4 Transfer and pay the ATF $200 Tax Stamp, will need 2 passport photos and 2 fingerprint cards to send in. Please ask if any questions about the Form 4 process before bidding!
23.Inter Ordnance M215-ML15 223/556 AR15 Semi-Auto Rifle, New. 16inch barrel. NO sights. Mil-Spec. Low profile gas block. 15inch free floating M-LOK rail. Comes in factory box, with manual, and 1 30rd magazine.
24.Ruger 10/22 Classic III French Walnut 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle, New. 20inch Stainless barrel. Deluxe Altamont French Walnut Stock. Does have 1 nick, pics are included. Adjustable rear sight with gold bead front sight. Comes in factory box, with 1 10rd magazine, manual, and lock. Marked $100 below cost due to nick in stock.
25.Taurus G2S 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, New. Just released, single stack version of the G2C/PT111 G2. 3.25inch barrel. Black polymer frame with black finish on slide. White dot adjustable rear sight. Manual safety. Comes in factory box, with 2 7rd magazines, lock, and manual.
26.Ruger SR22 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 3.5inch barrel. Alloy frame. Adjustable 3 dot sights. Frame mounted safety and decocker. Comes in factory box, with 2 10rd magazines, manual, and lock. Sale priced.
27.Mossberg Slug Barrel. Williams rifle sights. 24inch. Comes with 3 boxes of Hornady 300gr slugs.
28.28inch Target Sports Tactical 3inch Magnum barrel for Remington 870. Brand new.
29.Remington 12GA smoothbore 20inch slug barrel, with rifled sights. 2.75 and 3inch shells in magnum receivers. Some rust.
30.Remington 870/1100 slug barrel rail mount. Simply remove rear rifle sight and install rail mount. Made my Action Arms (#AAM 151 0870). Never opened.
31.Black Sheep Brand (4418) Single Action Revolver holster. Fits 5inch barrels. Leather, in nice shape.
32.CCI A22Magnum - 200 rounds. 35grain Gamepoint .22magnum ammo.
33.Beretta 3032 Tomcat 32auto Semi-Auto pistol. Like new in box, only fired 1 magazine in it. Tip up barrel. Comes in factory hard case, with lock, and 2 6rd magazines. Also comes with 62rounds of 32auto Ammo.
34.Ruger 10/22 Takedown 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle, new. Mica Bronze Synthetic takedown stock. 16.4inch threaded barrel. Gold bead front sight with folding rear sight. Includes takedown case. Includes scope base. Comes in factory box, with 1 10rd magazine, manual, and lock.
35.Ruger 10/22 Carbine 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle, New. Black synthetic stock. 18.5inch barrel. Gold bead front sight with folding rear sight. Scope base included. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 10rd magazine.
36.Lot of reloading supplies. Come check them out in person.
37.200 rounds of Wolf 7.62x39mm Ammo. 123gr FMJ.
38.5 boxes of Winchester Super X 20ga Rifled slug hollow points. 2.75 inch .75oz.
39.8 boxes of Remington 20ga Buckshot. 40 shells total. 2.75inch 3BK.
40.16rds of 20ga Winchester 2.75inch #4 steel shot.
41.Buffalo Bore 45colt ammo. 20 rounds of 255gr soft cast. Standard pressure.
42.Federal 410 Handgun ammo. Personal Defense 4 pellet 000Buck. 20 shells.
43.Winchester PDX1 Defender 410/45 Combo Pack. 45colt 225grain Bonded Jacketed Hollow points and 410ga 2.5inch.
44.410ga Shells. Winchester 2.5inch 4shot, 25 shells. Also includes 4 3inch number 4 shells.
45.Sonic Boom Exploding Targets. 1lb and 2lb target included.
46.2 Stack On Pistol Safes. Keys included.
47.3 Gerber Knives / Shard.
48.Gerber Hatchet with case. Saw in handle.
49.Schrade Machete with sheath.
50.1911 Tekmat. Great for cleaning and working on your 1911.
51.ACU 6mag bandoleer and a black pouch.
52.Stack On door hangers for a safe, and 6 pistol hangers for your safe.
53.Bianchi 45/410 speed loaders x 4.
54.Single Point Sling. Possibly Blackhawk.
55.Herter's 7.62x39mm Ammo. 140rounds total. 4 boxes of 122gr HP, and 3 boxes of 122gr FMJ.
56.410ga Shotgun shells. 35 2.5inch top target shells, and 50 3inch Federal 7.5shot.
57.Nice Pheasant Mount. Come check it out in person.
58.12ga Remington Shells. 10rds of Nitro Turkey 3.5inch 2oz shot 4shot. 25rds of Game Loads, 1oz shot, 8shot 2.75inch.
59.25 Winchester Super Target 12ga 2.75inch, 1 1/8oz 7.5shot. 25 Winchester Wing Master 12ga 2.75inch 1 1/8oz 8shot. 5 Winchester Rifled Slugs, 12ga 2.75inch, 1oz hollow points.
60.57 misc. 12ga rounds.
61.25 Federal 12ga 2.75inch 1.25oz 4shot.
62.Hi-Point 9mm pistol magazine. Think it is 10rd capacity.
63.7.62x39 Ammo. 120 rounds of Hotshot 123gr FMJ and 20 rounds of WPA 124gr HP.
64.Heavy Metal Defense Zombie Target, 10 pack. 24x45. VisiColor areas for easy tracking of positive hits. Over half off.
65.(2) MFT 30round AR Magazines, New. 5.56, 223, 300AC designed for the AR platform. Sale priced.
66.(3) Surplus HK G3 308 mags. 20rd capacity. Also fit the HK91 and clones.
67.CCI 22WMR V-MAX ammo. 50 rounds of 30gr polymer tip, 2200FPS.
68.3 magazines for the Sig P226. 2 are 15rd capacity and 1 believe is 17rd. Also fits the P228.
69.Winchester Super X 17HMR Ammo. 50 rounds of 20gr XTP jacketed hollow points.
70.100 rounds of CCI Velocitor Ammo. 40grain copper plated hollow points.
71.Hornady 22Mag ammo. 50 rounds of 30gr V-MAX.
72.Hornady 17HMR Varmint Express ammo. 50 rounds of 17grain V-MAX. 2550fps.
73.Aguila Golden Eagle Match Pistol 22LR Ammo. 50 rounds of 40grain lead round nose.
74.Winchester Super X 22 LR Ammo. 26grain Tin Hollow Points. 50 rounds. 1650FPS.
75.Aguila Golden Eagle Match 22LR Ammo. 50rounds of lead round nose.
76.Aguila 12ga Minishells. Buckshot. 20 rounds. Each one contains 7-4B, and 4-1B buckshot.
77.Remington Golden Bullet 22LR Ammo, Bucket O' Bullets. 1400 rounds of 36gr hollow points.
78.24 - Insight 25yd pistol slow fire targets.
79.Eliminator Pepper Spray. One-Hand operation. Hottest formula allowed by law. Easy convenient protection.
80.Federal 22LR Ammo. 275 rounds of 38 grain copper plated hollow points.
81.KCI Glock 9mm 33 round magazine, new. Made in Korea. Great for some range fun.
82.Remington Golden Bullet 22LR Ammo. 525 rounds of 36grain lead round nose hollow points. Great for some range time fun.
83.Magtech 380auto ammo. 50 rounds of 95gr FMJ brass case.
84.CCI Stinger 22LR Ammo. 100 rounds of 32grain copper plated hollow points. 1640FPS.
85.36 - Champion Scope sight in tagboards.
86.Mini Hearing Enhancer, Cyber Spy. As seen on tv. Amplify sounds.
87.GI Duffle Bag. Shoulder straps. 1 outside pocket.
88.Real Avid 1911 Smart Wrench. Fits 1911 barrel bushing. Take apart your 1911without taking a spring to your face.
89.Cold Steel Espada (Medium) Folder. 8.5inches overall, with a 3.5inch blade. Comes in factory box, with an extra belt clip. Regular price of over $80.
90.36 - 100yd Rifle Small bore targets.
91.Herter's 410ga Target Loads. 25 shotshells. 9shot, 2.5inch.
92.18lb of mixed brass. .22LR to 44mag and some rifle. Please inspect.
93.PPU 7.62mm Nagant Ammo. 100 rounds of 98gr FPJ.
94.3 Bowling Pins. Make great targets. Can take multiple hits from pistols. Rifles tend to mess them up.
95.Magpul M-LOK QD Sling Mount, New. Add a sling mount to your M-LOK rail.
96.GG&G MURP Sling Adapter. Multi-Use Receiver end plate adapter. Fits AR rifles. Sale!
97.Real Avid Bore Boss for 223/5.56. Ultra-compact bore cleaning system. Dual action cable. Integrated phosphor bronze brush / braided mop. Flex-case handle, self-storing.
98.Magpul RVG M-LOK Adapter rail. Mounts RVG to M-LOK compatible systems. Cammed T-Nuts.
99.Pelican 1810 Keychain light. Blue finish. 16 LED Lumens. IPX4 water resistant. Twist on and off activation. 8.5 hour run time.
100.Aguila 22LR Ammo. 100 rounds of Standard Velocity 40grain lead.
101.M-PRO 7 LPX Gun Oil. 4oz. Squeeze bottle.
102.Plano plastic pistol case. Lockable.
103.KA-BAR TDI Last Ditch Knife. Fixed 1.63inch blade. Hard plastic sheath. Sale priced.
104.LBE Buffer Retaining Pin Springs. 10 pack for AR15.
105.2 Trigger Shield Firearm Safety devices.
106.Blackhawk CQC holster for Ruger SR9.
107.Believe to be a 30rd magazine for the AR15 in 223 or 5.56.
108.Magpul MOE 1911 Grip Panels. TSP Texture. Magazine release cut-out. Black finish.
109.Battle Arms Development Magazine Release kit.
110.LBE Crush washer for 308win.
111.Magpul PMAG 30SPC magazine. New, but no package. 30rd for 6.8SPC. Sale priced.
112.2 point QD sling.
113.Lot of 3 knives. All individually boxed. Great for gifts or resale. All have metal pocket clips.
114.Surefire 2 pack of 123A Lithium batteries.
115.Factory Ruger SR9 9mm 17rd magazine. New but no package.
116.Break Free CLP 2 Fl. Oz spray bottle. Cleans, lubricates, and preserves.
117.Sig Sauer Rail Adapter Keymod. 2in. contains 2 rails.
118.RWB 33rd 9mm magazine for Glock double stack firearms. Great for some fun at range.
119.KBAR Tactical Spork - Knife, NEW. 6.875inch overall. 2.5inch blade. Blade is inside the handle of spork.
120.Del-Ton AR15 Bolt component kit. Great to have extras.
121.Sabre Defense Spray, Jogger unit. CS Tear gas and UV dye, .75oz. Protection against multiple threats, up to 35 bursts.
122.Taurus PT709 9mm magazine. 7rd capacity. Sale priced.
123.KA-BAR Adventure Piggyback Fixed Blade Knife. 2.6inch plain recurve. Hard plastic sheath.
124.AR pistol grip.
125.Spike's Tactical ST-T2 heavy buffer, with tungsten. Fits AR. Sale priced.
126.CMMG AR15 Gun Builders Lower Parts Kit. Without grip and fire control group.
127.VLTOR SM-1 Scout mount for flashlight. 1inch.
128.Zeb Competition Spring Kit. 3 springs, Includes Trigger, firing pin, and safety springs.
129.Scope rings.
130.Glock OEM Adjustable Sight Screwdriver.
131.2 Wise company food packs. Great emergency food.
132.3 metal AR magazines. 1 20rd and 2 30rd.
133.Walther PK380 Magazine. 8rd capacity.
134.Real Avid Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Black. Magazine lock and adjustment handle.
135.Sig Sauer QD Socket, low profile, with hardware. Set of 2.
136.Weaver scope rings. 1inch.
137.1911 45acp magazine. Rusty.
138.2 10rd magazines for the AR15. 223 or 5.56.
139.Spike's Tactical Gas Tube. Mid length. Sale priced.
140.CMMG AR-15 Lower pins and springs parts kit. Contains Trigger Spring, Hammer Spring, 2 Hammer Trigger Pins, 2 Takedown Springs, Disconnector Spring, Safety Selector Detent/Spring, Bolt Catch Spring/Plunger/Coil Pin, Trigger Coil Pin, Buffer Retainer/Retainer Spring, Takedown Detent.
141.Outers 3-piece utility gun brushes. Stainless steel, phosphor bronze, and nylon. Great for every gun cleaning kit.
142.BrassBully AR-15 and AR10 universal ambidextrous brass deflector. Metal construction. Mounts on picatinny.
143.Luth-AR Ejection Port Cover Assembly.
144.Glock OEM Armed with Confidence T-Shirt. Medium Black.
145.2 Vintage AK slings.
146.Luth-AR Gas Block, .750 Internal Bore. Black.
147.North American Arms Ornate Oval Belt Buckle. For 1 1/8 LR only. Fits belts 1inch to 1.5inch wide. The magnet needs to be re-glued into buckle. Sale priced because of that.
148.3 Magpul PMAG 10 LR/SR Gen M3 magazines. 10rd capacity, sand colored. Compatibility with SR25, M110. Sale priced.
149.Zev 5 round Base pad extension for Glock.
150.1911 Wood grips.
151.Factory Kahr 9-7 magazine. 9mm. Blow out sale.
152.Maglula BabyUpLULA pistol mag loader. Works on 22, 25, 32, and 380 calibers. Makes loading magazines easy.
153.SOG Flash II folding knife. Fast opening assisted technology. Rugged glass reinforced nylon handle. Lifetime warranty.
154.M58A1 Training Aid, Personal Decontamination Kit. Great conversation piece.
155.2 boxes with total of 39 rounds of 5.56 blanks with a military blank firing adapter.
156.SOG Jungle Warrior Fixed blade knife. Stainless steel blade. Lifetime warranty. 15.25inches overall length. Comes with synthetic stock.
157.M16A1 LH Hand Guard x 2.
158.Winchester Wildcat 22LR Ammo. 500 rounds of 40grain Lead Round Nose.
159.Factory Ruger BX-25 22LR Magazine. Fits the Charger and 10/22 series of rifles and pistols. 25rd capacity. The most dependable magazine for one of the most popular firearms in America.
160.Magpul PMAG M3 40rd magazine. 223, 556.
161.Federal 22LR Auto Match target grade performance ammo. Ideal for semi-autos. 325 rounds of 40grain solid.
162.Allen Tactical Gun Sock. 47inch. Fits scoped and non-scoped tactical guns.
163.CCI Mini-Mag 22LR SHP ammo. 50 rounds of Segmented Hollow Points. Splits into three equal size parts on impact.
164.50 Rounds of Winchester 22 Win Mag Ammo. 40grain FMJ Super X. 1910 FPS.
165.Magtech 9mm ammo. 100 rounds of 115gr FMJ brass case.
166.Magtech 5.56 Ammo. 50 rounds of 62grain FMJ brass cased.
167.RWB 30rd AK47 magazine. 7.62x39.
168.Fiocchi 38special +P ammo. 25 rounds of 125gr XTPHP self-defense. Sale priced.
169.CCI 38/357 Shotshells. 10 rounds of #9 shot size. Sale priced.
170.Hornady Custom 44mag Ammo. 20 rounds of 300gr XTP. Sale priced.
171.Eze-Scorer 23x35 Oval silhouette targets. Pack of 5.
172.2 Magpul PMAG M3 MCT magazines. 30rd capacity for 223, 5.56. Medium Coyote Tan finish.
173.Hornady Critical Defense 9mm ammo. 25rds of 115gr FTX. Sale price.
174.Sellier & Bellot 8x57 JS ammo. 20 rounds of 196gr FMJ.
175.Winchester PDX1 Defender 40SW ammo. 20 rounds of 180grain JHP. Low flash. Sale priced.
176.Winchester 22LR Bulk pack. 333 rounds of 36grain hollow point copper plated.
177.Ruger BX-1 Magazine. 10rd capacity for the 10/22 and Charger.
178.Magpul PMAG AK MOE 7.62x39 magazine. Black finish. 30rd for the AK47.
179.PMC Bronze 50cal BMG. 10 rounds of 660gr FMJ-BT.
180.Aguila 12GA Minishells. 20 rounds. 1.75inch. Lead Slug. High capacity, low recoil.
181.Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact magazine. 10rd. Sale priced!
182.Sig Sauer 9mm Ammo. 100 rounds of 115gr FMJ brass cased. Sale priced.
183.3 Hexmag 30rd magazines. Flat dark earth finish. Fits the M4 and AR15. 5.56, 223, 300aac, 458 Socom, and 50 Beowulf. Sale priced.
184.Sellier & Bellot 300 AAC Blackout Ammo. 40 rounds of 200gr FMJ subsonic. Brass cased.
185.Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield magazine. 8rd capacity. Sale.
186.CCI Blazer Brass 40S&W ammo. 50 rounds of 165gr FMJ brass cased.
187.Magtech First Defense 300 Blackout Ammo. 50 rounds of 123grain FMJ brass.
188.Magpul PMAG AK MOE 7.62x39 magazine. Sand finish. 30rd for the AK47.
189.Hi-Point 40S&W magazine. 10rd capacity for the JCP40 pistol and the 4095TS carbine. Sale priced.
190.Winchester PDX1 Defender 410 shells. 10 rounds. Each contains 4 plated defense disc projectiles and 16 plated BBs. 3inch. Sale.
191.Sabre 5 Million Volt Stun Gun. Tactical strength. 120 Lumen flashlight can blind and disorient. Belt holster and clip included. Rechargeable.
192.Winchester Super X 22 Win Mag Ammo. 50 rounds of 40grain Jacketed Hollow Points. Varmint and small game. Made in USA.
193.Sellier & Bellot 45acp Ammo. 50 rounds of 230grain FMJ brass.
194.Smith & Wesson SD9 9mm magazine. 16rd capacity. Clearance priced.
195.Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 magazine. 6rd capacity.
196.Aguila 9mm Ammo. 100 rounds of 115gr FMJ brass case.
197.Remington Ultimate Defense 45auto +P ammo. 20 rounds of 185gr Golden Saber BJHP. Sale priced.
198.59x35 Glock Perfection Banner. Great for man cave or gun room.
199.Bulldog Pistol Rug Black. Fits single handgun. Velcro pouch on exterior.
200.Factory Hi-Point 45acp magazine. Fits the JHP45 pistol and the 4595TS Carbine. 9rd capacity.

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