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1.Winchester Model 94AE 45 Colt Lever action rifle. 20inch barrel. A few spots of surface rust shown in pictures. Serial number 6267589. Come check it out!
2.Enfield Mark III 303 British Bolt Action Rifle. 24inch barrel. A few spots of surface rust. Has been Sporterized. Come take a look.
3.Mech Tech Systems CCU (Carbine conversion unit). Caliber - .460 Rowland, can also fire .45Super, .45+P, and .45acp. This carbine comes with: detachable Rock Island 1911 .45 lower (complete), and a Bushnell 1.5x-4.5x scope. .460 Rowland casing is .06 inches longer than standard .45acp casings, which gives this caliber the power of a .44 magnum. You can use standard 1911 .45 magazines. It has a 16inch barrel. Remove the 1911 lower and attach a slide and you have a handgun. This is a very versatile firearm especially if you own a 1911, you can carry both and use the same ammo and magazines. This item does require a permit to purchase or carry permit.
4.Walther P22 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol. 3.42inch barrel. Black polymer frame with nickel slide. Adjustable sights. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 2 10rd magazines.
5.Taurus PT111 G2 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol. Seller states around 500 rounds fired. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 2 12rd magazines.
6.SCCY CPX-2 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol. Seller states only fired 20rd. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 2 10rd magazines. No manual safety. 3.1inch barrel. 3 dot sights.
7.Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Optics Ready Semi-Auto 22LR. Comes with M&P Duty Series Rifle case and M&P Red / Green Dot Optic. 16inch barrel, threaded. Collapsible stock. 10inch slim handguard with M-LOK. Comes in factory box, with bag, manual, lock, red dot, and 1 25rd magazine.
8.Diamondback DB380 FDE 380acp Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 2.8inch barrel. Striker fired. Flat Dark Earth polymer frame, with black finish slide. Striker fired. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 6rd magazine.
9.Ruger Precision 22LR Bolt Action Rifle, New. 18inch threaded target barrel. Quick-Fit precision rimfire stock. No Sights. Reversible AR style selector. Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger. 15inch free float M-LOK handguard. Accepts all 10/22 magazines. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 2 10rd magazines.
10.Beretta Pico Inox 380acp Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 2.7inch barrel. Stainless finish on slide, with black polymer slide. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 2 6rd magazines.
11.Ruger 10/22 Carbine 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle, New. 18.5inch barrel. Hardwood stock. Gold bead front sight with folding rear sight. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 10rd magazine.
12.Hoyt Charger Compound Bow. Comes with quiver with 4 arrows and broadheads. Headhunter Pro Sight. AXT stabilizer. 60-70 wt., 30DL. Comes with 4 extra arrows and a trigger. Come check it out.
13.Keltec CMR-30 22Magnum Semi-Auto Rifle, New. 16.1inch threaded barrel with 1/2x28 threads. Magpul backup sights. Ambidextrous charging handle. Collapsible stock. Picatinny rail on top and bottom. Comes in factory box, with manual, and 2 30rd magazines.
14.Springfield Armory 911 380acp Semi-Auto pistol, New. 2.7inch barrel. Single action only. Polymer frame with black finish. Night sights. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, carry case, pocket holster, 1 6rd magazine, and 1 7rd magazine.
15.Ruger American Go Wild 450 Bushmaster, New. 22inch barrel. Go Wild Camo I-M Brush synthetic stock. Cerakote bronze finish. Threaded barrel. NO Sights. Ruger Marksman Adjustable Trigger. Sling swivel studs. Comes in factory box, with 1 3round magazine, manual, and lock.
16.Ruger Mark IV Target 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 5.5inch barrel. Fixed front sight with adjustable rear sight. Ambidextrous manual safety. Simple one button takedown. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 2 10rd magazines.
17.Ruger Precision Rifle in 17HMR, New. 18inch Target barrel that is threaded. Quick fit Precision rimfire stock. NO sights. Reversible AR style selector. Ruger Marksman Adjustable Trigger. 15inch free float M-LOK handguard. Accepts Ruger Magnum RF Mags. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 9rd JMX-1 rotary magazine.
18.Diamondback DB9 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, new. 3inch barrel. Polymer frame. 3 dot sights. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, 1 6rd magazine, and pistol pouch.
19.Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield M2.0 9mm semi-auto pistol, New. Comes with a red Crimson Tracer laser installed. 3.1inch barrel. Polymer frame. Armornite finish on slide. White dot sights. No manual safety. Comes in factory box, with 1-7rd & 1-8rd magazine, manual, and lock.
20.Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield M2.0 EDC 9mm semi-Auto pistol, New. Comes in a zipper pouch, that contains an M&P Oasis folding knife, Delta Force CS-20 flashlight, 1 - 7rd magazine, and 1 8rd magazine. 3.1inch barrel. Single side manual thumb safety. Comes in factory box with manual and lock.
21.Wheeler AR15 Armorer's Vise. Highly adjustable, secures any AR-15 using the Mag Well Vise Block. Built in hammer stop prevents damage to lower receiver. Ideal for cleaning, maintenance and gunsmithing.
22.2 Magpul PMAG 30 Gen M2 30rd magazines. Foliage finish.
23.Remington 870/1100 slug barrel rail mount. Simply remove rear rifle sight and install rail mount. Made my Action Arms (#AAM 151 0870). Never opened.
24.KBAR Tactical Spork - Knife, NEW. 6.875inch overall. 2.5inch blade. Blade is inside the handle of spork.
25.Burris Droptine 3-9x40mm Scope, New. 22LR B-Plex Ballistic Plex. 1inch tube. Calibrated for 22lr. Retail price is $179.
26.Tekmat 1911 double sided mat. 11x17. Great for every 1911 owner.
27.Glock OEM Parts Tray. Flexible rubber. Measures 6x4inches.
28.KCI 33rd 9mm Glock magazine. Fits all double stack 9mm Glocks.
29.APF 80% Lower. Black anodized. Create your own AR.
30.Tekmat AR15 Double Sided rifle mat. 12x36inches. Great for anyone with an AR.
31.Case trimming system for 9mm, 45ACP, .223 Remington, 30 M1 Carbine and 30.06 Springfield. Can use with a power drill for a cheap, simple and effective way to trim brass cases to length prior to reloading. Includes like new, unopened Lee case length gauges and shellholders for 9mm, 45ACP, .223 Remington and 30 M1 Carbine, as well as used case length gauge and shellholder for 30.06 Springfield. Also includes gently used Lee case trim cutter and lock stud that work with all the listed case sizes above to trim cases to a consistent length.
32.Pelican Traveler Tumbler 32oz. New. OD. 18/8 Pro Grade Stainless Steel food and drink storage.
33.3 AR Selector switches. Great to have spares.
34.4 Receiver endplates for AR. Great to have spares.
35.Sig Sauer M17 Hat, New. Flexfit snap back.
36.400 pieces of previously fired .380 Auto, mostly brass with some nickel. Already cleaned and polished.
37.Folding Stock for a Mini-14 or Mini-30. Appears to be new, never used.
38.Simmons Pro50 Riflescope. 2.5-10x50.
39.280 pieces of previously fired .38 Special brass.
40.Black Spider optic red dot. High rise mount. Tested and works.
41.400 pieces of previously fired .380 Auto, mostly brass with some nickel. Already cleaned and polished.
42.Redding Powder Scale Model 1. Looks unused.
43.12 North American Hunting Books. Take a look.
44.American Eagle 44 G.A.P. Ammo. 50 rounds of 185 grain TMJ. Some discoloration.
45.Hornady SST Low Drag Sabot 50cal. 300grain. Box of 20.
46.NcSTAR Mark III Tactical Scope / Red Dot. 3-9x42.
47.Nice looking rack. 1 antler has been repaired, come check it out. Great for man cave or gun room.
48.Mule deer rack. Mounted on a wall mount. Great for man cave or gun room.
49.Vintage Range Box. Leather handle. Lots of unique items inside. Measures 26x9x10 outside.
50.Large bucket of range brass. Mixed, but looks like large portion of 308. Weighs 70lbs.
51.Old Field Cooler. Unique. Solid and lockable. Come check it out. Measures 25.5x13x19 inches exterior. Handles on both ends.
52.MDHA Field Bag. Very versatile.
53.NcSTAR Compact Tactical Green Dot Sight.
54.CAA Flashlight Holder and Vertical grip. Mounts on picatinny rail.
55.Red Dot. Come check it out.
56.Large bucket of range brass. Mixed, but looks like large portion of 308. Weighs 75lbs.
57.Caldwell Magcharger. Load those mags easier.
58.NcSTAR Tactical 4 Reticle Sight.
59.Stock and Forearm for Remington 870.
60.MDHA Jacket. Maroon, size XL. Come check it out.
61.Remington Etronx Varmint Ammo. 22-250 Remington 50grain V-Max Boat Tail. Electric primed rifle cartridges.
62.HKS Speedloader case and 2 speedloaders. For Colt / Ruger 357/38.
63.Red / Green Red Dot made by Truglo. Tested, works.
64.2 Synthetic Butt Pads for Remington Rifles.
65.Holster Lot. Bulldog belt holster for mini semi-autos. 2 UTG brass catchers. Soft Armor belt holster. Ace Case Shoulder holster with double mag pouch, Desantis ankle holster, and a Blackhawk case.
66.NWTF Range / Field Case. Lots of pockets. Great for so many uses.
67.Large Lot of over 100 Hunting DVD's. Hours of watching.
68.Sabre Red Pepper Gel. Made in USA. Flip top keychain. Up to 25 bursts.
69.5 cleaning brushes, new. Great to have extras.
70.Leupold Sequoia 15-45x60mm Spotting scope. Comes in case, with tripod. Green band, come check it out.
71.Angled stool. Great for field use. Legs fold for easy storage and carrying.
72.4 Magpul PMAG 30rd magazines, 1 metal magazine, and some loose 5.56 ammo in a 50cal ammo can.
73.Vintage Ammo and Primer boxes. All boxes do have some left inside.
74.Tex Shoemaker 357 4inch revolver holster.
75.Remington 22LR HP Subsonic Ammo. 500 rounds.
76.CCI 22LR Quiet Ammo. 150 rounds.
77.5 Bandoleers, Military. 16 30-30 casings. 14 30-06 casings. And Misc. Ammo, .17HMR, 357mag, 40, and 22 Short.
78.4 Shotgun Cases.
79.Plano Ammo Can with 3inch 12GA Winchester Steel Shot Shells.
80.Lot of gun items. Factory Ruger revolver grips. Mossberg buttpad and extension. Gun sock. Savage manual. Regal gun lock, Knife with sheath, scope caps, and a few other items.
81.Plano Ammo Can with 3inch 12GA Winchester Steel Shot Shells.
82.Lot with camouflage 3/8 robe, 10rds of 7-30 Waters in a belt pouch. Magpul 1 point sling. Screamin cottontail lure, and a few misc. items.
83.Lot of Shotgun Shells. Some full box, and some partial, 1 box of 20ga, and 6 boxes of 12ga.
84.Thinsulate lined orange gloves with exposable fingers, blaze orange cap, and a Browning headlamp.
85.Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Stencil kit by Styx River.
86.Coleman 7ftx5ft 2 person Sundome tent. Ground vent. Appears to be unopened.
87.Lockdown handgun vault, large. New. Inside dimensions are 6.5x10x1.75 inches. Coated steel security cable included. DOJ approved.
88.Magtech 9mm Ammo. 100 rounds of 115grain FMJ brass case.
89.Springfield Armory 1911-A1 magazine, new. 7rd 45acp.
90.Sellier & Bellot 45acp Ammo. 50 rounds of 230grain FMJ brass.
91.Magpul MOE AR Grip, New. FDE. Fits AR rifles.
92.Winchester Super X 22 Win Mag Ammo. 50 rounds of 40grain Jacketed Hollow Points. Varmint and small game. Made in USA.
93.Allen Pistol Rug. Fits single handgun. 8inch overall.
94.Federal 22LR Ammo. 275 rounds of 38 grain copper plated hollow points.
95.Federal American Eagle 5.56mm Ammo. 150 rounds of 62grain FMJ. American made military grade.
96.Kershaw Spoke Folding Knife, New.
97.Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Magazine. 25rd black 22LR.
98.M-PRO 7 LPX Gun Oil. 4oz. Squeeze bottle.
99.CRKT Minimalist Fixed blade knife, new. 2.16inch blade. Plain drop point. Reinforced nylon sheath. G10 handle. Comes in original box.
100.Eliminator Pepper Spray. One-Hand operation. Hottest formula allowed by law. Easy convenient protection.

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