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1.Ruger P85 9mm Semi-Auto pistol. Comes with a nylon holster and 1 15rd magazine. Own a classic! Full size double or single action. Decocker and manual safety. 4.5inch barrel.
2.Ruger AR-556 Semi-Auto rifle in 5.56mm. Like new in box, only fired 20 rounds. Comes in factory box, with manual, sight adjustment tool, 2 mags, and 70rds of ammo. 16.1 inch barrel. Telescoping stock. Adjustable Ruger Rapid deploy rear sight with milled full height gas block.
3.Henry Arms Co Double Barrel 12GA Shotgun. Double triggers. 32inch barrels. Made in the Early 1900s in Belgium. Missing both hammers. Come check it out, great addition to any collection.
4.Savage Arms Stevens 20GA Single shot shotgun. 2.75inch chamber. 28inch barrel. Barrel has rust and pitting. Great project firearm. Come take a look in person.
5.1960's Factory Sharpshooter Rifle believed to be Savage. Chambered in 338Win. Left Handed. 26inch barrel. Wood stock. Come take a look.
6.Spanish made Richland Arms Model 711 10GA Double barrel shotgun. Double triggers. 32inch barrels. 3.5inch chamber. Wood stock and forearm. Come check it out in person.
7.Savage Model 16 270WSM Bolt Action Rifle. Left handed. Seller states less than 100 rounds fired thru it. Comes with a Nikon Monarch 2.5-10x scope installed. 24inch barrel. Stainless finish with black synthetic stock. Come take a look.
8.Ruger SR22 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 3.5inch barrel. Alloy frame. Adjustable 3 dot sights. Frame mounted safety and decocker. Comes in factory box, with 2 10rd magazines, manual, and lock. Sale priced.
9.Savage Axis 308win Bolt Action Rifle, New. 22inch barrel. Black synthetic stock. NO sights. Top tang safety. Swivel studs. Detachable box magazine. Comes in factory box, with manual, and lock.
10.Windham Weaponry AR Pistol in 223/5.56. Around 100 rounds fired thru it. Comes with a Sig Pistol Stabilizing brace installed, Black Spider red dot, and a Noveske KX5. Comes in factory hard case, with manual, and 1 30rd magazine. 11.5inch barrel. Hogue grip installed. QD sling attachment installed. Keymod rail. Stock price for a new one without the extras is over $900.
11.Winchester XPR Hunter VIAS 270Win Bolt Action Rifle, New. 24inch barrel. Lulu VIAS Camo Stock. Two position thumb safety. Drilled and tapped. 3 round capacity. Comes in factory box, with manual, and lock.
12.Ruger SR22 22LR Semi-Auto pistol. Around 50 rounds fired thru it. Comes in factory box, with manual, Ruger pistol pouch, lock, and 1 10rd magazine. 3.5inch barrel. Alloy frame. Adjustable 3 dot sights. Frame mounted safety and decocker.
13.CAI Romanian WASR10/63 AK in 7.62x39. Underfolder stock. Synthetic pistol grip, with wood forend. Angled muzzle device. Front sight is canted some, can be fixed. Fired less than 50 rounds thru it. Comes with metal 30rd magazine, in factory box. Come take a look.
14.Savage Axis 223Rem Bolt Action Rifle, New. Mossy Oak Break Up camo synthetic stock. 22inch barrel. 4 round capacity. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and box magazine.
15.Savage B.MAG 17Win Super Mag Bolt Action Rifle, New. 22inch heavy fluted barrel. Gray Laminate sport stock. AccuTrigger. Beavertail forend. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 8rd magazine.
16.Ruger 10/22 Compact Youth 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle, New. Ruger Modular Stock system. 16.12inch barrel. 4.6lbs. 34inches overall length. Fiber optic front sight with adjustable rear sight. Scope base included. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 10rd magazine.
17.Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield M2.0 EDC 9mm Kit, New. 3.1inch barrel. Armornite finish with polymer frame. White dot sights. Single side manual thumb safety. Comes with M&P Oasis folding knife, Delta Force CS-20 flashlight, and EDC Kit zipper pouch. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, 1 7rd magazine, and 1 8rd magazine.
18.Adams Arms AA-15 Optics Ready Carbine. Doesn't appear to be fired, so if it has, very few rounds. 16inch barrel. Mid Length piston driven. Comes in factory box, with 1 30rd PMAG. Telescoping stock. Come check it out.
19.Ruger LC9S 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol. Like new in box, never fired. Has Hi-Viz fiber optic sights. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 7rd magazine. Discontinued, and no longer available. 3.12inch barrel. Manual thumb safety.
20.Savage Axis 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle, New. Harvest Moon Camo synthetic stock. 22inch barrel. Top tang safety. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and magazine.
21.Ruger Security-9 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 4inch barrel with a black polymer frame. Blued finish on slide. Drift adjustable 3-Dot sights. Bladed trigger safety. Internal, secure-action hammer. Textured grip frame with front cocking serrations. Comes in factory box, with 2 15rd steel mags, manual, and lock.
22.Half roll, 25 coins of 90% silver Roosevelt dimes. Assorted dates and mint marks.
23.Half roll, 25 coins of 90% silver Mercury dimes. Assorted dates and mint marks.
24.Higher grade 1863 two cent piece, 2 cent coin.
25.2 90% silver Mercury dimes, 1942 Uncirculated Gem with full split bands and a 1941-S in approximately extremely fine EF condition.
26.Rare key date 1892-S Barber dime, 90% silver coin.
27.lot of 6 90% silver Barber dimes, 1892, 1905, 1905-O, 1909, 1912 & 1914.
28.2 very old 90% silver, Seated dimes, 1885 and 1891-O.
29.2 nice Standing Liberty quarters, 1927 and 1930. Both 90% silver.
30.Harder date 1892-O Barber quarter, 90% silver.
31.2 90% silver Barber quarters, 1916 and 1916-D.
32.Rare, very nice 1877 Sitting Liberty quarter, 90% silver.
33.Brilliant uncirculated 1960-D Franklin half, blast white & 90% silver.
34.Lot of 3 90% silver Franklin half dollars, 1954-D, 1960-D and 1963-D.
35.Lot of 3 90% silver Walking Liberty half dollars, 1918-S, 1941-S and 1945.
36..380 Auto ammo, Armscor. 95 grain FMJ, 100 rounds.
37.CAA 1.25inch cheek rest, and a Vertical Grip, no tools needed and has a storage compartment.
38.Herter's 9mm ammo. 115 grain FMJ. 100 rounds.
39..380 Auto ammo, Armscor. 95 grain FMJ 150 rounds.
40.Remington Bucket O' Bullets 22LR Ammo. 1400 rounds of 36grain plated hollow points.
41.300 pieces of once fired 223 brass. Cleaned and polished, so just pop out the primers and you are ready to reload.
42.92 pieces of 22-250 Remington brass. Already cleaned and polished.
43.100 Rounds of Winchester 9mm Ammo. 115grade FMJ Service Grade.
44.(3) MFT 30round AR Magazines, New. 5.56, 223, 300AC designed for the AR platform. Sale priced.
45.Vintage Remington 25 Auto Pistol Ammo and box. 47 rounds. 50grain metal case (6.35mm).
46.38SPL and 44Mag Ammo lot. 17 rounds of 44Mag American Eagle. 44 rounds of Winchester 38SPL 150grain lead. 50 rounds of CCI Blazer 158grain RN.
47.Luger P08 Pistol magazine. Has 6 rounds of ammo. Come check it out.
48.12GA Slugs. 4 boxes of 5 for a total of 20 rounds. 1 box is Winchester Rifled Slugs Hollow points. 3 boxes are Federal Classic Rifled Slug. All are 2.75inch.
49.Vintage Geco 32S&W Box with ammo. 88grain lead round nose, 39 rounds live, and 3 casings. Also 2 more live rounds.
50.30-06 Ammo, 16 rounds with 3 casings. 15 rounds of 270win ammo.
51.Lot with 9mm ammo and old Sportsman's Notebook. The book is from 1964. The Remington 9mm ammo is in a vintage box, that is rough, and has 8 LRN rounds and 2 FMJ rounds inside. The Winchester 9mm Ball M882 has 10 rounds.
52.50 rounds of Remington 20GA Shotgun Shells. 2.75inch 6shot Game Load.
53.Lot of loose shotgun shells, contains 12 and 20ga, 37 total. (9) 410ga 3inch shells. 25 rounds of Winchester 12GA 2.75inch 1oz 6 lead shot.
54.(3) Magpul PMAG 30 GenM2 magazine. Window. 30rd capacity 223/556. OD Green.
55.Wheeler AR Armorer's Vise Block Tool. For AR rifles.
56.3 Hexmag AR Magazines. Dark gray 30rd capacity. Fits 223, 556, 300AAC, 458SOCOM, and 50Beowulf.
57.Plano Large Pistol Case, New. Fits medium frame pistols. High density foam. Lockable.
58.Remington Golden Bullet 22LR Ammo. 525 rounds of 36grain lead round nose hollow points. Great for some range time fun.
59.Federal 7.62x51mm Ammo. 20 rounds of 149grain FMJ brass cased.
60.50 Rounds of Winchester 22 Win Mag Ammo. 40grain FMJ Super X. 1910 FPS.
61.FN Hat, New. 1 size fits all. 100% cotton.
62.American Eagle 22LR Ammo. 400 rounds of 38grain copper plated hollow points.
63.Wheeler Delta AR-15 Mag Well Vise Block, New. Tool bench vise block.
64.CCI Stinger 22LR Ammo. 100 rounds of 32grain copper plated hollow points. 1640FPS.
65.Winchester Super X 22 Win Mag Ammo. 50 rounds of 40grain Jacketed Hollow Points. Varmint and small game. Made in USA.
66.2 Wise Company Long Lasting Food Pouches. Creamy pasta with chicken, and teriyaki chicken and rice.
67.Aguila 12GA Minishells. 20 rounds. 1.75inch. Lead Slug. High capacity, low recoil.
68.Federal 22LR Ammo. 275 rounds of 38 grain copper plated hollow points.
69.Winchester Wildcat 22LR Ammo. 500 rounds of 40grain Lead Round Nose.
70.PS Products Eliminator Pepper Spray. .05oz with leather keychain.
71.Factory Ruger BX-25 22LR Magazine. Fits the Charger and 10/22 series of rifles and pistols. 25rd capacity. The most dependable magazine for one of the most popular firearms in America.
72.Champion Scope Sight in Targets. 36 total. Great for range day.
73.Aguila Subsonic 22LR Ammo. 200 rounds of 40grain lead bullet.
74.Sabre Red Pink Lipstick Pepper Spray. Contains UV Marking Dye.
75.American Eagle AR 5.56 Tracer Ammo. 20 rounds of 64grain tracer.
76.Outers Gun Cleaning Tool Set. 4 piece. Universal pick and brush assortment.
77.American Eagle 5.56 Ammo. 150 rounds of 55grain FMJ. American Made, Military Grade.
78.Blackhawk Serpa Concealment Holster, New. Fits Glock 42 right hand. Clearance priced.
79.Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Precision Cleaning Tools. 11 piece gun detailing kit. In a polycarbonate kickstand case.
80.Sabre Red Flip-Top Pepper Spray with holster. Red Pepper and UV Dye. Up to 18ft away. 18 bursts.
81.25yd Pistol Slow Fire Targets, 24 targets.
82.100 rounds of Sellier & Bellot 9mm Ammo. 115grain FMJ brass.
83.Lockdown Gun Concealment Magnet. NEW. Mount your gun vertically, horizontally, or upside-down. Works on most semi-automatics and revolvers. Can use 2 magnets to hang shotguns or rifles. Over molded non-marring rubber protects your gun. Low profile for easy concealment.
84.Magtech 5.56 Ammo. 50 rounds of 62grain FMJ brass cased.
85.Hoppes 22Cal Pistol Cleaning Kit. Ready to clean.
86.Sabre Red Pepper Spray. Blue marking dye added to alert police. Up to 35 bursts.
87.36 Champion 100yd Rifle Sight in Targets.
88.Sellier & Bellot 45acp Ammo. 50 rounds of 230grain FMJ brass.
89.Mec-Gar 1911 45acp magazine. 10rd blued.
90.CCI Quiet 22LR Ammo. 250 rounds of 40grain lead round nose. Only 710FPS. Great for bolt action, lever action rifles, and revolvers. Will not cycle a semi-auto rifle.
91.Hogue Overmold Grip for the AK47 AK74. Finger grooves, rubber.
92.CCI CB 22 Short ammo. 100 rounds of 29grain lead round nose. 710fps. Subsonic - low noise.
93.Hi-Point Factory 10rd magazine for the 9mm Carbine.
94.KBAR Tactical Spork - Knife, NEW. 6.875inch overall. 2.5inch blade. Blade is inside the handle of spork.
95.Fiocchi 380acp Ammo. 25 rounds of 90grain XTP brass self-defense.
96.ETS 12rd magazine for Glock 43. 9mm.
97.Tapco AR Mag Vise Block, Black. Fits AR rifles.
98.Allen Solo Single Point Sling. Quick release clips, heavy-duty scissor type attachment hook. Adjustable, heavy duty webbing, shock absorbing bungee.
99.UST Featherlite First Aid Kit 1.0, New. 60 pieces. Great to keep 1 in every vehicle.
100.Outers 3-piece utility gun brushes. Stainless steel, phosphor bronze, and nylon. Great for every gun cleaning kit.
101.Champion Re-Stick Targets, Deer Vitals Sight-In. 25 sheet pad.
102.CRKT KISS Plain Edge Knife, New in box. 2.25inch folding knife with a tanto point plain edge blade. Comes in factory box.
103.Allen Tactical Gun Sock. 42inch length. Silicone treated. Fits scoped and non-scoped tactical firearms.
104.Glock OEM Single Mag Pouch. Fits Glock 9, 40, 357, 45gap. Not for G42 or G43. Ambidextrous.
105.Magtech 380auto Ammo. 100 rounds of 95grain FMJ brass.
106.Hogue P238 Rubber Grip. Finger Grooves.
107.Glock Field Knife with saw. Black polymer sheath.
108.Sabre 3.8 Million Volt Stun Gun. Compact finish. 120 Lumen LED flashlight for safety. Holster included. Safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. Rechargeable, no batteries needed.
109.Real AVID AR15 Smart Mat. Parts keeper tray. Magnetic compartment. Oil and solvent resistant coating. 43x16inches. Great for anyone with an AR.
110.KCI Glock 9mm 33 round magazine, new. Made in Korea. Great for some range fun.
111.Kershaw RJ Martin Tactical Knife, New. 3inch plain edge blade.
112.Sellier & Bellot 300 AAC Blackout Ammo. 20 rounds of 124grain FMJ brass.
113.Bulldog X-Small Pistol Rug. Gray finish, thick padding.
114.Bulldog Economy Rifle Case, New. 48inch black.
115.Break Free CLP 2 Fl. Oz spray bottle. Cleans, lubricates, and preserves.
116.Champion Single Varmint Duraseal Spinner Target. Self-healing. Can handle 17cal to 50cal rifles and handguns.
117.Pelican 1200 Case. Great for firearms or electronics. Interior dimensions are 9.25x7.12x4.12. Polymer O-ring in lid provides a watertight seal. Lockable.
118.Federal Champion 22LR Ammo. 525 rounds of 36grain copper plated hollow point.
119.Winchester 22LR Bulk pack. 333 rounds of 36grain hollow point copper plated.
120.Winchester Super X 22LR Shot. 50 rounds of #12 Shot, great for pest control.
121.Winchester 40S&W Ammo. 100 rounds of 165grain FMJ target.
122.KA-BAR Zombie Acheron ZK fixed blade knife. 3.13inch plain edge recurve blade. Kydex sheath.
123.25rd magazine for Sig P226. Also fits the P228.
124.100 rounds of CCI Velocitor Ammo. 40grain copper plated hollow points.
125.Factory Glock 9mm 33 round FDE magazine. Fits 17, 19, 26, and 34. Orange follower.
126.CCI 22 WMR Ammo. 50 rounds of 40grain total metal jacket.
127.(3) Surplus HK G3 308 mags. 20rd capacity. Also fit the HK91 and clones.
128.2 cleaning brushes, new. Great to have extras.
129.Herter's 40S&W Ammo. 50 rounds of 180grain FMJ brass case.
130.PS Products Spartan Self Defense Keychain. Impact resistant plastic. Secure grip coating.
131.Hornady 17HMR Ammo. 17grain FMJ, 50 rounds.
132.Elite Tactical Systems ETS 30rd magazine for Glock 22, 23, 27, or 35. 40S&W.
133.Hornady 22Mag ammo. 50 rounds of 25grain NTX.
134.Factory Glock G19 G5 OEM 9mm magazine. FDE finish, orange follower. 15rd capacity. Fits Glock 19, and 26.
135.2 magazines for the Sig P226. 15rd capacity. Also fits the P228.
136.Hornady Steel Match 40S&W Ammo. 50 rounds of 180grain HAP, hollow points.
137.KA-BAR Skeleton Fixed Blade Knife. 2.5inch plain clip point blade. With hard plastic sheath.
138.Glock OEM 9mm 19rd magazine. Coyote brown finish. Fits any double stack 9mm Glock.
139.Winchester Super X 17HMR Ammo. 50 rounds of 20grain XTP JHP. 2375 FPS.
140.Magpul PMAG21 GL9 21 round magazine for 9mm Glocks with double stack.
141.Hornady 22WMR Critical Defense Ammo. 50 rounds of 45grain FTX.
142.Nosler Trophy Grade 7MM STW ammo. 140grain. 20 rounds.
143.Lee Loader in 38SPL. Vintage box.
144.4 boxes of Federal Large Magnum Rifle Primers, No. 215. Believe to be 3,900 total.
145.Buck Knife Pro-Line Knife. Gut hook and plain blade. 4inch blade. There is some custom engraving on blade. Comes with a nylon holster in original box.
146.30-30 Win ammo. 20 rounds of Remington 150grain Core-Lokt soft point. 11 rounds in the Winchester box.
147.Lee Loader in 357. Vintage box.
148.The Classic Western Combo. 2 knives in a leather sheath. 3 and 4.5inch blades.
149.3 boxes of Federal Small Rifle Primers. Believe to be all full. 3,000 total. 2 boxes of No. 210, and 1 box of No. 205.
150.30-06 SPRG Ammo. 80 rounds of Remington, 150grain, 180grain, and 220grain. 15 rounds of Winchester with 4 shell casings.
151.Western Hunter Knife. Comes in box with leather sheath. Rubber handle. 4.5inch blade.
152.Weaver K6 60-B vintage scope.
153.Nosler Customer 7mm-08 Rem ammo. 140grain AccuBond. 15 rounds with 5 shell casings.
154.2 Knives in a nylon case. 1 has a gut hook with plain edge, other is half saw tooth.
155.Kolpin padded rifle case. Some stains, but usable. 39inches long.
156.Outers cleaning kit.
157.Pair Herman Survivors, size 8. Appear to be new, with tags still on. Come in original box. Realtree hardwoods camo. Waterproof, insulated. Leather.
158.Western Hunter Knife. Comes in box with leather sheath. Rubber handle. 4.5inch blade.
159.7MM Rem Mag Ammo. 19 rounds of Remington Core-Lokt. 37 rounds of Federal Nosler Partition.
160.Daniel Defense Plastic rifle case. Like new.
161.Wood stock. In great shape. Not sure what it goes to.
162.Tomahawk pipe. Wood handle. Interesting item. Come check it out. Handle is over 19inches long.
163.Real Avid Accu-Grip picks and brushes. Ergonomic, triangular handles. Nylon.
164.Cold Steel Delta Dart Defense Tool. Black Zytel. 5.75 inches.
165.Aquamira Frontier Emergency Filter. Parasite protection. Chlorine taste and odor removal. Filters up to 30 gallons of water. Great for every kit.
166.Real Avid Micro Tool for AR15. 18 in one. You can sight-in, punch, scrape, adjust, and keep shooting.
167.Daniel Defense 12 inch x 48 inch cloth signage. Edges have a stiff plastic strip. Great decoration for that man cave or gun room.
168.Self Defense Pen. Metal cap. Comes in box.
169.Sig Sauer Shopping bag. Great for that grocery run.
170.3FTx3FT Glock Perfection Vinyl banner. Grommets in corners for easy hanging. Great for man cave or gun room.
171.23x35inch Mule Deer Targets. 4 total. Non-reactive paper targets for archery and firearms. Heavy-weight paper.
172.Set of 4 knife and tools. 3 multi tools, and 1 metal folding knife. All come individually boxed.
173.Lot of 4 items. 2 knives and 2 multi tools. 1 of the knives is assisted opening. All come individually boxed.
174.Vinyl FN 94x36inches outdoor sign. Grommets and wind cuts. Great for man cave or gun room.
175.Score Keeper 50yd Smallbore targets. 36 total.
176.2 Child Guard Safety Locks. Secure your firearms.
177.SKS and AK sling.
178.Factory 10/22 Ruger Barrel, Take Off, never fired. 18.5inch barrel, with sights. Great for replacing that beat up or messed up barrel on your 10/22.
179.Sellier & Bellot 10MM Ammo. 50 rounds of 180grain FMJ brass.

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