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1.Russian M44 Carbine 7.62x54R Bolt Action Rifle. Imported by PW ARMS. All numbers match. Vintage sling. Come take a look.
2.1873 SA 357Mag Revolver made by Pietta in Italy. In great shape. 6rd capacity. Come check it out.
3.Beretta M9 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol. Comes in factory box, with 2 - 15rd magazines. Like new condition.
4.Taurus Model 444 Raging Bull 44 Mag Revolver. Blued. 6rd capacity. 6.5inch ported barrel. Soft rubber grips, helps reduce felt recoil. Adjustable sights. RESERVE LOWERED!!!
5.Smith & Wesson M642 J-Frame 38SPL 5 Shot Revolver. 1 7/8inch barrel. Hammerless. Like new condition. Comes in factory box.
6.Single Shot 410GA shotgun Marked Excel. 26inch barrel.
7.Springfield XD 45acp Semi-Auto Pistol. 4inch barrel. Comes in factory box, with 2 - 13rd mags. Like new condition.
8.Smith & Wesson M&P22 22LR Pistol. 3 - 10rd magazines. Excellent condition. Comes in factory box.
9.Ruger LC9 9mm. 2 - 7rd mags and factory box. Come check it out, great carry gun.
10.Ruger LCP 380acp Semi-Auto Pistol. 2 -6rd magazines, Fobus holster, and grip sleeve. Comes in factory box.
11.Bersa 380acp Thunder380 Semi-Auto Pistol. 1 - 8rd magazine and factory box. Like new condition. RESERVE LOWERED!
12.Sig Sauer Mosquito 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol. Excellent condition. Comes in original box. 3 10rd magazines. RESERVE LOWERED!
13.Traditions Napoleon III 50cal Black Powder Cannon. Has been fired. Comes with fuse, balls, instructions, and copper tool.
14.Ruger LCPII 380acp Semi-Auto pistol, New. 2.75inch barrel. Fixed front and rear sights. Includes pocket holster. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 6rd magazine.
15.Ruger 10/22 Carbine 22LR semi-auto rifle, new. 18.5inch barrel. Wood stock. Gold bead front sight with folding rear sight. Includes Weaver 3-9x40 scope and Taylor Targets Spinner target. Comes in a Ruger hard case, with manual, lock, and 10rd magazine.
16.Charter Arms Mag Pug 357Mag Revolver, New. Fixed Sights. 2.2inch barrel. Steel frame with stainless finish. Black rubber grip. Lifetime warranty. Comes in factory box with lock.
17.Ruger SR22 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 3.5inch barrel. Alloy frame. Adjustable 3 dot sights. Frame mounted safety / decocker. Comes with 3 10rd magazines, in factory box, with manual and lock.
19.Smith & Wesson M&P22 Compact 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 3.56inch barrel. Cerakote Tungsten Gray polymer frame. Adjustable sights. Ambidextrous manual safety. Takes 3/8x24 to 1/2x28 adapter. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 2 10rd magazines.
20.Ruger Mark IV Standard 22LR Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 4.75inch barrel. Fixed front and rear sights. Ambidextrous manual safety. Simple one button takedown. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 2 10rd magazines.
21.Kahr Arms CW380 380acp Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 2.58inch barrel. 10.2oz. Double action only. Matte Stainless finish. Polymer Carbon Fiber Frame with Soft Touch Grip. White Bar-Dot Combat Sights. Comes in factory box, with 1 6rd magazine, manual, and lock.
22.Ruger American Rifle in 300AAC Blackout, New. 16.13inch barrel. Flat dark earth synthetic stock. Threaded barrel ready for your suppresser. NO sights. Top tang safety. Adjustable trigger. Comes in factory box, with manual, and 1 5rd magazine.
23.Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 Compact 9mm Sem-Auto Pistol, New. Model 11688. 3.6inch barrel. Armornite finish. Fixed white dot sights. No thumb safety. Comes in factory box, with 2 15rd magazines, manual, and lock.
24.Ruger 10/22 American Eagle 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle, New. 18.5inch barrel. Walnut stock. Gold bead front sight with folding rear sight. Engraved American Eagle Stock. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 10rd magazine.
25.Kahr CT380 380acp Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 3inch barrel. Double action only. SS with Tungsten Cerakote (Grey). Polymer frame. Pachmayr Tactical grip sleeve. White 3 dot sights. Pearce finger rest extension installed on magazine. Tungsten Cerakoted Trigger and Slide stop lever. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 7rd magazine.
26.Ruger 10/22 M1 Carbine 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle, New. 18.5inch barrel. M1 carbine style wood stock. Ghost ring rear sight with gold bead front sight. Picatinny rail on receiver. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 10rd magazine.
27.Diamondback DB380 380acp Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 2.8inch barrel. Black finish with black polymer frame. Striker fired. Real Windage Adjustable sights. Comes in factory box, 1 6rd magazine, manual, and lock.
28.Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield M2.0 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, new. Model 11806. 3.1inch barrel. Armornite finish. White dot sights. Single side manual thumb safety. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, 1 7rd magazine, and 1 8rd magazine.
29.Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II OR 223/5.56 Semi-Auto Rifle, New. 16inch threaded barrel. Telescoping stock. No Sights. Chrome lined gas key, bolt carrier. Has dust cover and forward assist. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and 1 30rd magazine.
30.Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Optics Ready Semi-Auto 22LR. Comes with M&P Duty Series Rifle case and M&P Red / Green Dot Optic. 16inch barrel, threaded. Collapsible stock. 10inch slim Handguard with M-LOK. Comes in factory box, with bag, manual, lock, red dot, and 1 25rd magazine.
31.Single Action Revolver Leather Holster. In great shape. Made in USA by Triple K.
32.200 pieces of .308 Win previously fired brass in very good condition. Cleaned and polished. Mixture of commercial and military.
33.AK-47 Bayonet. Comes in metal sheath that can also be used with the knife as a wire cutter. Blade is 5.75inches long.
34.200 pieces of previously fired 357 Mag brass. Cleaned and polished.
35.Vintage style Fighting Knife. Comes in leather belt sheath. 12inches overall length. 7inch blade. Made in Japan.
36.285 pieces of previously fired 300 Blackout brass, polished and cleaned. This brass is in very good condition.
37.Ka-bar style fighting knife that comes in a leather belt sheath. Over 9.5inches overall length. Blade is 5 inches long. Sharpening stone inside pocket on sheath.
38.250 rounds of American Eagle 147grain 9mm ammo. Full metal jacket flat point. Great for suppressor use. Brass cased.
39.Two unopened boxes of 22cal (.224) Hornady 55 grain FMJ-BT bullets. A total of 200 bullets.
40.Gerber Applegate Fairbairn Combat Folder. Comes in nylon carry pouch. 10 inches overall length. 4.5inch blade. Very nice knife, come check it out.
41.500 pieces of previously fired .223 brass, cleaned and polished. In really good shape.
42.150 rounds of American Eagle 147grain 9mm ammo. Full metal jacket flat point. Great for suppressor use. Brass cased.
43.Winchester Xpert HV 22LR Ammo. 500 rounds of 36grain Lead Hollow Points.
44.Glock OEM Parts Tray. Flexible rubber. Measures 6x4inches.
45.Real Avid AR15 Pivot Pin Tool. Click, snap, done. Fastest way to install a pivot pin.
46.Tapco Enhanced AR-15/M4 Stock Wrench. Mil-Spec castle wrench. Also receiver extension removal wrench, A1/A2 flash suppressor wrench. Lifetime Factory Guarantee.
47.KA-BAR Chopsticks. Black, 9.5inch. Sold as a 4 pack, providing two sets of American made dishwasher safe chopsticks.
48.Federal 22LR Ammo. 275 rounds of 38grain Copper plated hollow points.
49.100 rounds of American Eagle 147grain 9mm ammo. Full metal jacket flat point. Great for suppressor use. Brass cased.
50.Sellier & Bellot 45acp Ammo. 50 rounds of 230grain FMJ brass case.
51.Bump Fire Systems - AR-15 Bumpfire Stock. New in package. Get one before they are banned. (Bump Stocks will be illegal 90days after the new ruling is put in the Federal register, it will be the responsibility of the purchaser to turn in to the ATF or destroy.)
52.Double speedloader case - Cordura - fits up to 44mag speedloaders.
53.BUS (Back up sights) - Flip up - polymer.
54.Schrade Uncle Henry LB8 Folding knife. Comes with leather belt sheath. 3.75inch blade.
55.Ka-bar 1605 pocket knife. Come with original box and manual. 2.25inch blade. Ivory Micarta. 3inch overall length.
56.BUS (Back up sights) - Flip up - polymer.
57.Expandable baton with nylon sheath.
58.Magpul PMAG 30 AK/AKM 30rd magazine. Sand colored. 7.62x39.
59.Winchester Super X 22LR Shot. 50 rounds of #12 Shot, great for pest control.
60.PPU 357mag Ammo. 50 rounds of 158grain Flat Point jacket. Brass cased.
61.Winchester XPERT HV 22LR ammo. 500 rounds of 36grain lead hollow points.
62.Anderson OOPS Spare Parts Kits. For AR15.
63.Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Laser. Green laser with 3 modes. Windage and elevation adjustment.
64.Armscor 50AE ammo. 20 rounds of 300grain JHP brass.
65.CMMG Ejection Port Cover Kit.
66.American Eagle 327FED Ammo. 50 rounds of 100grain soft point.
67.Magpul MOE RVG Vertical Foregrip. Fits Picatinny. Black.
68.Streamlight Protac Rail mount 1L light. Comes with mount. Fits MIL-STD rails. Dual fuel. Remote pressure switch and push button switch. Ten-Tap programmable. 350 Lumens.
69.Sig Sauer Whiskey3 3-9x40mm Scope. New in box. Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee.
70.Magpul Bipod M-LOK FDE. Hard anodized T-6 aluminum. Fits M-LOK style rails. 6.3-10.3inch. 11oz weight.
71.Federal 40S&W Range Target Practice ammo. 50 rounds of 165grain FMJ brass.
72.Cold Steel Double Agent Fixed blade knife, New. 3inch blade. Comes with hard plastic sheath. All in factory box.
73.ETS 12rd Glock 43 magazine. Smoke. Lifetime factory warranty.
74.KCI 33rd 9mm Glock magazine. Fits all double stack 9mm Glocks.
75.Hornady Precision Hunter 6.5creedmoor ammo. 20 rounds of 143grain ELD-X.
76.Sig Sauer 365 9mm Ammo. 20 rounds of 115grain JHP. Optimized for CCW.
77.Aguila 12ga Minishells. 20rds of 7.5 shot. 1.75inch.
78.Winchester Super X 22 Win Mag Ammo. 50 rounds of 40grain Jacketed Hollow Points. Varmint and small game. Made in USA.
79.Outers Universal Cleaning kit. For rifles, shotguns, pistols. Complete 10 piece kit for total gun care.
80.CCI Sub-sonic 22LR HP ammo. 100 rounds of 40grain lead hollow points. 1050 FPS.
81.Real AVID AR15 Smart Mat. Parts keeper tray. Magnetic compartment. Oil and solvent resistant coating. 43x16inches. Great for anyone with an AR.
82.Ruger 10/22 Laser by LaserMax. Just swap out existing barrel band. Easily adjusts for windage and elevation.
83.Magtech 9mm Ammo. 115grain FMJ brass case. 100 rounds.
84.Blackhawk Single Point Sling Adapter. Universal. Black.
85.Sabre Defense Spray. Up to 35 bursts. UV Dye included.
86.Magtech 7.62x51mm M80 Ball Ammo. 50 rounds of 147grain FMJ brass case.
87.Glock Metal Safe-Action Pistols Sign, New. 12inches.
88.Birchwood Casey Eze-scorer targets. 13 pack. 12inch sight in.
89.50 Rounds of Winchester 22 Win Mag Ammo. 40grain FMJ Super X. 1910 FPS.
90.CCI Quiet 22LR Ammo. 100 rounds of 40grain lead round nose. Only 710FPS. Great for bolt action, lever action rifles, and revolvers. Will not cycle a semi-auto rifle.
91.Magtech 300 BLK Ammo. 50 rounds of 123grain FMJ brass cased.
92.Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 380 8rd magazine, New.
93.Federal Law Enforcement 12GA 2.75inch Buckshot. With Flitecontrol Wad. 10 shells. 9 pellets, 00 Buck.
94.Factory Ruger BX-25 22LR Magazine. Fits the Charger and 10/22 series of rifles and pistols. 25rd capacity. The most dependable magazine for one of the most popular firearms in America.
95.Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield 8rd magazine.
96.Factory Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 25rd magazine. NEW.
97.Tekmat 1911 Pistol Mat. 11x17. Double sided.
98.Springfield Armory 10mm 1911 Magazine. Stainless finish. 8rd capacity.
99.Kershaw Emerson CQC-9K Folding knife, new. 3.6inch blade. Drop point plain edge. Thumb disc. Reversible carry.
100.Factory Ruger BX-Trigger. Fits any Ruger 10/22 or 22 Charger pistol. Lightweight, crisp trigger pull for faster, more accurate shooting. Releases at 2.5 to 3.0 lbs. Minimal overtravel, and positive reset. Quick and easy drop-in design.
101.NWTF 16oz coffee tumbler, new.
102.(2) MFT 30round AR Magazines, New. 5.56, 223, 300AC designed for the AR platform. Sale priced.
103.Lot of standard AR furniture. Stock grip, buttstock, and forearm.
104.Lot of stuff for Remington 870 shotgun. Come take a look. Believe came off an 870 Magnum.
105.Leupold VX-1 2-7x33mm Scope with box. Has rings. Come take a look.
106.Gerber Machete with nylon sheath.
107.Machete with sheath. Usable, but not new.
108.Plumb Hatchet with leather sheath. Older, but should be usable.
109.Bushnell 1.5-4.5 Sportsman Scope. Comes with Nikon P-Series mounts.
110.Burris P.E.P.R. Scope mount.
111.Mag-Lite 3D Aluminum flashlight. Works, but batteries need replacing.
112.Winchester 22LR ammo. 40grain round nose copper plated. 100 rounds.
113.Hornady SST shotgun slugs. 5 rounds. 300grain FTX slug for rifled barrels.
114.Crimson Trace Red laser. Looks like it mounts on a pistol rail. Tested and works.
115.Gun cleaning lot.
116.Large lot of misc. items. Come take a look.
117.Lot of gun and archery parts. Contains various chokes. Come take a look. All come in a compartmented tray.
118.Eliminator Pepper Spray. One-Hand operation. Hottest formula allowed by law. Easy convenient protection.
119.UTG Shooters SWAT Bipod. Fits Picatinny Rail or swivel stud. 6.2-6.7inch. Tactical low profile with adjustable height.
120.Gun cleaning supplies. Box of Birchwood Casey Barricade wipes, and a partial bottle of Hoppes 9.
121.GunMate Scoped Rifle Case, New. 40inch black.
122.Sig Sauer Lima 38 Laser Grip Module assembly. Fits the SIG P238 or P938. Red laser. Sale priced.!
123.Magpul MOE K2 Grip. Black. Fits AR rifles.
124.Glock G19X 19rd magazine. Coyote.
125.PMC Bronze 9mm Ammo. 100 rounds of 115grain FMJ brass case.
126.Federal American Eagle 5.56 ammo. 150 rounds of 55grain FMJ brass.
127.Magpul MOE 1911 Grip Panels.
128.Cold Steel Urban Edge Knife. 2.5inch blade. Sheath. Comes in factory box.
129.Winchester PDX1 Defender 40S&W ammo. 180grain bonded jacketed hollow point. Low flash.
130.Springfield 1911 7rd magazine. 7rd 45acp. Stainless steel.
131.Luth AR Ejection Port Cover Assembly.
132.Aguila 12ga Minishells. 20rds of 7.5 shot. 1.75inch.
133.Magpul MIAD Grip, Gen 1.1 Mission Adaptable. Drop in upgrade for AR15 or AR10. OD Green. Clearance priced.
134.Blackhawk Bipod Picatinny Rail adapter.
135.Battle Arms Development Lower parts kit.
136.M-PRO 7 LPX Gun Oil. 4oz. Squeeze bottle.
137.UTG Model 4 AR15 receiver wedge.
138.CMMG AR15 Lower Spring and Pin Kit. Great to have extra parts.
139.Winchester Match 223 Rem Ammo. 20 rounds of 69 grain Matchking HPBT.
140.Magpul MOE Rail Section. Polymer 7 slot. Fits MOE hand guard.
141.Sellier & Bellot 9mm Subsonic ammo. 50 rounds of 140grain brass case.
142.Magpul M-LOK Bipod Mount. Sale priced.
143.Bulldog X-Small gray pistol rug.
144.Sellier & Bellot 45acp ammo. 50 rounds of 230grain FMJ brass case.
145.Federal 45auto Ammo. 50 rounds of 230grain FMJ brass case.
146.5 cleaning brushes, new. Great to have extras.
147.30 rounds of 5.56mm Ammo. Magtech 56grain FMJ brass.
148.Federal Auto Match 22LR Target Grade Performance ammo. 325 rounds of 40grain solid.
149.Magpul MOE SL Carbine Stock, with Carbine Handguard and Pistol Grip, new. Sand finish. Slim line carbine stock. Mil-Spec. Great set for a great price!
150.Winchester Wildcat 22LR Ammo. 500 rounds of 40grain Lead Round Nose.

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