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1.Harrington & Richardson Arms CO Bay State 16GA Single Shot Shotgun. Made in USA. Great project gun. 28inch barrel. Front bead sight. Forearm is loose, and stock is cracked and loose.
2.Remington Model 514 22Cal Single Shot Bolt action rifle. Can shoot 22short, long, or long rifle. 24inch barrel. Wood stock. Come take a look in person.
3.Harrington & Richardson Arms Co 28ga Single Shot Shotgun. 28inch barrel. Front bead sight. Wood stock and forearm. Great project gun.
4.All Steel Star Target. AR500. 5 plates to knock off. Easy to replace for more shooting fun. Shoot 1, and the target starts to spin, making the other 4 harder to hit. Plates measure 8inches in diameter. Ball bearing for spinning. 67inches tall with plates mounted. Heavy duty springs hold the plates in place. All Steel construction. Can be moved easy, breaks into 2 pieces with the 5 plates. Come check it out, great for any range.
5.H&R Arms Company Model 1906 22 Cal RF Revolver frame. Great project gun or wall hanger. Will need to fill out a 4473 and have a permit to purchase or carry permit.
6.H&R Bull Dog 38 Cal Revolver. Frame, cylinder, and grips. Great project gun or wall hanger. Will need to fill out a 4473 and have a permit to purchase or carry permit.
7.Hi-Point Model 995 9mm Carbine. 16inch barrel. 4x28 scope mounted. Comes with (3)10rd magazines. Synthetic stock. Come take a look.
8.Savage Arms Stevens Model 940A Single Shot 20ga Shotgun. 28inch barrel. 2.75inch chamber. Come take a look.
9.Kahr Arms CT40 Semi-Auto 40S&W Pistol, New. 4inch barrel. Matte Stainless Slide. Double action only. White Bar dot combat sights. Comes in factory box, with (1) 7rd magazine, manual, and lock.
10.Mossberg 590 12ga Shotgun, New. 20inch barrel. 3inch chamber. Black synthetic stock. Ghost ring sights. Tri-rail forend. 9shot. Comes in factory box, with manual, and lock.
11.Pointer 12GA Semi-Auto Shotgun, New. 28inch raised rib barrel. Soft touch black synthetic stock. Matte black receiver and barrel. Comes in factory hard case, with chokes, and manual.
12.Traditions Tracker 209 In-Line 50cal muzzleloader. Stainless barrel with black synthetic stock. Ready to mount a scope.
13.SSAR 15 SBS AR15 Slide Fire Stock. Get 1 before your not allowed. Come take a look.
14.Ruger 10/22 Carbine with Scope, New. 22LR Semi-Auto. 18.5inch barrel. Weaver 3-9x40 Scope with base mounted. Black synthetic stock. Gold bead front sight with adjustable rear sight. Comes in factory Ruger Hard case, with (1) 10rd magazine, manual, and lock.
15.Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 380acp Semi-Auto pistol, New. 2.75inch barrel. Black polymer frame. Double action only. Drift adjustable sights. No manual safety. Comes in factory box, with pouch, (2) 6rd magazines, manual, and lock.
16.Knight D.I.S.C. 50cal Black Powder rifle. Sling mounted. Seller states shoots great, taken many deer with. Fiber optic sights. Black synthetic stock and forearm. Comes with a bag of items for rifle.
17.Smith & Wesson SD9VE 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, new. 4inch barrel. Black polymer frame with stainless finish on slide. White dot fixed sights. SDT trigger. Picatinny style rail. Front and rear slide serrations. Comes in factory box, with manual, lock, and (2) 16rd magazines.
18.IO INC AKM247 7.62x39mm Semi-Auto Rifle, New. 16inch barrel. Black polymer stock. Open rifle sights. 100% USA Made. Mil-Spec / Parkerized. Comes in factory box, with 1 30rd magazine.
19.Rossi Tuffy Single Shot 410 Shotgun, NEW. Like the Snake Charmer. 18.5inch barrel, 3inch modified. Black synthetic stock. Bead front sight. Spot in stock to hold 4 shells. Comes in factory box with manual.
20.Del-Ton Echo 308 Semi-Auto rifle. 308win. 16inch barrel. Collapsible stock. A2 front sight. Comes in factory box, with (1) Magpul 20rd magazine, and manual.
21.New Model Taurus G2C 9mm Semi-Auto pistol. 3.2inch barrel. No internal lock. Manual safety. Polymer frame. Three dot adjustable rear sight. Comes in factory box, with (2) 12rd magazines, manual, and lock.
22.Rossi Single Shot 410Ga Shotgun, New. 28inch barrel. 3inch chamber. Synthetic stock. Front bead sight. Full size standard stock. Ejector. Comes in factory box with manual. Will make a great first shotgun.
23.Beretta M1934 32acp Semi-Auto Pistol. Comes in vintage leather holster. Also has original barrel, recoil spring, and guide rod. Serial number of G03429. Has the IVU stamp on the right tang, with the crown over RE stamp on the left (crown is about have worn off. Serial numbers on slide and frame match. Black plastic original looking grips. Believe to be made in the 30's or 40's, but not sure. Comes with 1 magazine.
24.Del-Ton DT Sport MOD 2 AR15 Semi-Auto Rifle in 223/556. 16inch barrel. Collapsible stock. Flip up rear sight with A2 front sight. Forward assist and dust cover. Lightweight Melonite Barrel. Comes in factory box, with (1) 30rd magazine, and manual.
25.Ruger LC9S 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol, New. 3.12inch. Polymer frame. Adjustable 3 dot sights. Striker fired. Comes in factory box, with (1) 7rd magazine, manual, and lock.
26.Magpul MOE SL Carbine Stock, with Carbine Handguard and Pistol Grip, new. Sand finish. Slim line carbine stock. Mil-Spec. Great set for a great price!
27.KA-BAR USMC Fighting / Utility Knife, NEW. 7inch fixed blade. Leather sheath with USMC on it.
28.Gun Vault Deluxe GV-2000 Multi Vault. Fast and secure storage. Great for home, auto, boat, office, etc. Touch operated control panel opens in seconds. Choose your own private security code. Interior light. Outer dimensions are 14x10.1x7.9inches.
29.Winchester 40S&W Ammo. 90rounds of 180grain FMJ brass cased.
30.Winchester 40S&W Ammo. 100 rounds of 165grain FMJ brass cased.
31.Weaver Gunsmith Tool Kit, Advanced, New. Green Case. 88 piece set. Great for any gun owner.
32.Winchester 7.62x51 ammo. 20 rounds of 147grain FMJ target.
33.Federal Field & Target Multi-Purpose 12ga Shells. 100 rounds. 1 1/8oz shot, 7 1/2shot.
34.Case Folding Knife, new in package. Made in USA. Come take a look.
35.(2) AK47 30rd magazines. 1 is poly, and 1 is metal. 7.62x39.
36.(3) ASC Magazines for AR in 5.45mm. The AK74 round, but in the AR platform.
37.Hornady Critical Defense 40S&W Ammo. 20 rounds of 165grain FTX.
38.Winchester 7.62x51 ammo. 20 rounds of 147grain FMJ target.
39.Winchester Branded folding knife in box. Great addition to any collection.
40.Winchester Branded folding knife in box. Great addition to any collection.
41.Lot of old gun parts. Various assortment, come take a look in person.
42.(3) ASC Magazines for AR in 5.45mm. The AK74 round, but in the AR platform.
43.Norinco 9x18 ammo. 50 rounds of Steel Case Non-Corrosive.
44.Winchester 7.62x51 ammo. 20 rounds of 147grain FMJ target.
45.Swiss Army Knife in plastic case. Lot of functions.
46.Lot of 2 Puma Knives. 1 is stainless folder, while the other is a polymer handled folder.
47.Fiocchi 357Mag Ammo. 50 rounds of 142grain FMJTC.
48.25 rounds of 7.5 French Ammo on Strippers. For MAS 36 or MAS 49/56 and a few others. Date stamped 1976.
49.Federal Premium 40S&W Ammo. 155grain Hydra-Shok Jacketed Hollow Points.
50.Winchester 51-piece gunsmith screwdriver set. Great for rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Small compact and convenient.
51.Winchester Smith & Wesson Promotional 22LR Ammo pack. 222rounds of 40grain Black Copper Pated round nose. Target, plinking, and fun.
52.Nylon holster and double mag pouch. Holster has a pouch on it for extra magazine also. Comes with a Glock Loader.
53.Sellier & Bellot 357mag ammo. 50 rounds of 158grain.
54.Lot of 2 knives. 1 is an American Flag folding knife. 1 is a Genuine Swiss Army Knife.
55.44 rounds of 9x18mm Makarov ammo. Non-corrosive. Made in Russia.
56.USAF Survival Knife. Many functions. Great addition for any collector.
57.(3) ASC Magazines for AR in 5.45mm. The AK74 round, but in the AR platform.
58.Glock OEM Disassembly Tool.
59.Glock OEM Field Knife Grey, with root saw. 6.5inch fixed blade. Polymer sheath.
60.20 rounds of 7.5 French Ammo. For MAS 36 or MAS 49/56 and a few others. Date stamped 1976.
61.6 Frost Cutlery Bonitos Folder Knives. All individually boxed. 4.25 inches closed. Stainless steel matte finished blade. Steel liners and tension screw. Bronze metallic coating on handle. Metal clip.
62.KA-BAR Dozier Skeleton Knife, new. 2.62inch fixed plain edge drop point blade. Hard plastic sheath.
63.Federal 22LR Ammo. 525 rounds of 36grain Copper Plated Hollow points.
64.Eliminator Pepper Spray. One-Hand operation. Hottest formula allowed by law. Easy convenient protection.
65.Wheeler Precision Micro Screwdriver Set. 58-piece.
66.Glock OEM Adjustable Sight Screwdriver.
67.Lot of 6 Knives Designed by Jim Frost. Apache Series. 4 3/8inch closed. Stainless Steel blade. Nickel Coated and sand blasted blade and handle. Liner locking blade and pocket or belt clip on reverse. Great for resale or as gifts.
68.Colt Defense 380acp Ammo. 20 rounds of 90grain JHP. Clearance priced.
69.CCI Blazer Ammo. 100 rounds of 115grain FMJ aluminum case.
70.CRKT Shrill Fixed Blade Knife. 4.76inch blade. Resin infused fiber. Spear point. Leather sheath. G10 handle.
71.CCI 17HMR Ammo. 50 rounds of 20grain FMJ 2375 FPS. Small Game.
72.Kershaw Cryo Assisted folding knife, new. 2.75inch plain edge.
73.Magtech First Defense Guardian Gold 9mm +P ammo. 20rounds of 115grain JHP.
74.Lot of 6 Knives. All individually boxed. Great as gifts or for resale. All are Frost Cutlery.
75.Factory S&W M&P9 9mm magazine. 10rd. Great for range use.
76.Factory Springfield 40S&W XD magazine. 12rd capacity.
77.Armscor 380auto Ammo. 20 rounds of 95grain Jacketed hollow points.
78.Plano Large Pistol Case, New. Fits medium frame pistols. High density foam. Lockable.
79.Kershaw Emerson CQC Knife, New. 3.25inch folding knife. Tanto point, plain edge. Black G10 frame.
80.CCI Maxi-Mag TNT 22WMR Ammo. 50 rounds of 30grain Jacketed Hollow Points. 2200FPS.
81.Winchester 9mm Ammo. 50 rounds of 115grain FMJ.
82.Federal 22LR Ammo. 275rounds of 38grain Copper plated hollow points. Get ready for some range time.
83.Remington 9mm Ammo. 250 rounds of 115grain FMJ. Brass cased. Get ready for some range time.
84.Remington 30-06 Ammo. 20 rounds of 180grain Core Lokt soft points.
85.Bulldog Deluxe rifle sling. 1inch wide, fits most rifles.
86.CCI Blazer 9mm Ammo. 50 rounds of 124grain FMJ aluminum cased. Sale priced.
87.Hornady Custom 25auto Ammo. 25rounds of 35grain XTP berdan primed.
88.CRKT M16-10KSF Folding knife, new. 3.94inch tanto point blade. Plain edge.
89.Fiocchi 9mm Ammo. 100 rounds of 115grain FMJ brass cased.
90.Magtech 9mm First Defense Bonded Ammo. 50 rounds of 124grain JHP. Brass cased.
91.Factory Ruger BX-25 22LR Magazine. Fits the Charger and 10/22 series of rifles and pistols. 25rd capacity. The most dependable magazine for one of the most popular firearms in America.
92.TulAmmo 223rem Ammo. 120rounds of 62grain FMJ steel case non-corrosive berdan primed.
93.Winchester Super X 45auto Silvertip JHP Personal protection ammo. 20 rounds of 185grain Silvertip JHP. Priced below cost.
94.(2) Factory unused Glock 19 9mm magazines. 15rd capacity. Stock up now.
95.Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 9mm Ammo. +P 50grain 2000fps. Reduced recoil deep cavity projectile. Clearance priced!
96.Fiocchi 45auto Ammo. 25 rounds of 230grain XTPHP hollow points. Sale priced.
97.Spartan Defender Keychain. Impact resistant plastic. Secure grip coating.
98.40 Rounds of TulAmmo 223Rem Ammo. 55grain FMJ Steel Case non-corrosive Berdan primed.
99.(3) MFT Polymer AR15 30round magazines. Sale priced.
100.CCI Blazer Brass 40S&W Ammo. 50 rounds of 165grain FMJ brass cased.
101.Federal Premium 45auto Hydra-Shok JHP Ammo. 20 rounds of 165grain Low recoil JHP. Personal defense. Clearance priced.
102.PPU 44Rem Mag JHP Ammo. 50 rounds of 240grain Jacketed Hollow Points.
103.Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 38special ammo. 20 Lead Free Cartridges. 50grain 1500 FPS. Reduced recoil deep cavity projectile. Clearance priced!
104.Hornady Critical Defense 45colt Ammo. 20rounds of 185grain FTX.
105.Blackhawk Serpa Concealment Holster for Sig 228, 229, 250DC. With or without rail. Right hand. Clearance priced.
106.Magtech First Defense 300 Blackout Ammo. 50 rounds of 123grain FMJ brass cased.
107.CCI 22LR Shotshell ammo. 20 shells. 31grain Pest control with #12shot.
108.Federal American Eagle 223rem Ammo. 100 rounds of 55grain FMJ brass cased. American made military grade. Get ready for spring.
109.Aguila 22 Colibri Ammo. 100 rounds of 20grain lead bullet subsonic. 420FPS.
110.Magtech 32S&W Ammo. 50 rounds of 85grain LRN. Clearance priced.
111.Backup Tactical BOT Kick Ass Thread Protection, new. Fits M13.5x1LH Threaded pistol barrels. Huge sale, normally $13.99.
112.CCI Target 22 Short Ammo. 100 Rounds of 29grain lead round nose.830FPS.
113.PMC X-TAC 5.56NATO Ammo. 60rounds of 62grain Green Tip LAP.
114.Hoppes Gun and Reel Silicone Cloth, new. Flannel cloth polishes, cleans and coats surface with a protective finish. Removes fingerprints and restores luster. 11x14inches.
115.Fiocchi 38S&W Short Ammo. 50 rounds of 145grain LRN. Stock up on that hard to find ammo. Clearance priced.
116.G2 Research Trident Rip Out 223rem Ammo. 20 rounds of 65grain 2840FPS.
117.PPU 357Mag Ammo. 50 rounds of 158grain FPJ.
118.UST Folding Saw, new. Compact Lock back saw with nylon case. 7TPI saw blade and hole for lanyard attachment.
119.G2 Research R.I.P. 10mm Ammo. 20 rounds of 115grain. Radically Invasive Projectile. Solid Copper projectile. Clearance priced.
120.50 rounds of CCI Blazer Brass 45auto Ammo. 230grain FMJ brass cased.

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